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When creating a great product for children, every detail matters.

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Toy of the Year 2018 distinction

World-Class educational robot for children

What is Photon?

An interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments.

What does it do?

Photon supports children in developing the basic computational thinking skills. It helps them develop creativity, improve their logical thinking abilities and challenge their problem solving skills as they learn the basics of programming.

Who is it intended for?

Photon is great for children of all ages. The Photon applications have several unique interfaces that are tailored to the different stages of children's development and their perception abilities.

Photon develops with your child

Photon is designed to promote interactive learning at home and at school. Children will solve a variety of tasks and experiments along with Photon as they embark on an engaging journey to explore about technology and understand the world.

Photon is an interactive educational robot that aims to bring together the physical and virtual world. It exposes children to the world of new technologies by allowing them to control Photon using intuitive block coding. The difficulty scales proportionally to the speed of the child’s development and experiences.

Learn more about Photon

Photon is not a toy in the classic sense. Despite its small size, it has 10 sensors that allow Photon to interact with its surroundings. For example, Photon can react to, for example, touch, light, obstacles or sound. Photon can be programmed in thousands of ways! The only thing that limits fun with Photon is the creativity and imagination of the child.

Discover a special
version of Photon dedicated to educational institutions

Using robot as a teaching tool, In combination with an educational mat, the Photon EDU application, and specially designed scenarios for conducting classes for teachers, enables the implementation of coding activities in various subjects. The use of scientific aids in the form of a robot allows even the most difficult classes to become attractive.

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean that the robot develops with the child?

This means that Photon’s capabilities depends on the progress and development of the child. Fresh out of the box Photon has very limited capabilities, as the child explores and completes challenges, they will discover new features and unlock more difficult programming levels.

My child has never programmed - can they handle Photon?

When designing Photon robot, we understood that most of the children that will be interacting with Photon will have little to none coding experience. We consulted with psychologists to create a unique application that is able to develop according to the child’s development and learning progress.

What's inside the box?

The box contains a Photon robot, a micro USB charging cable, user manual, warranty card and safe instructions for Photon. All of Photon’s applications are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and AppStore platforms. All you need is a Photon robot to start the learning journey.