The process of learning with Photon at home

Out of the box
Photon can't do anything
While using a mobile app
the child teaches the robot everything from scratch
By solving challenges
Photon learn new abilities
After completing all of the challenges
the child knows the basics of programming and understands how the technology works

Created with psychologists

Photon robot was developed in close cooperation with a team of educational psychologists at the SWPS University. During the development period, Photon’s prototype was tested with over 3,000 children, which led to an intuitive design of the robot and an engaging application that is able to stimulate children’s development in the most appropriate way.

A robot with a new narrative

Flung from outer space and dropped out of the Earth’s orbit, Photon crashes into the sandbox of a playground. As the children come to inspect the source of the commotion, they find a damaged Photon – among the wreckage of its intergalactic spacecraft, pleading for help. Photon’s hard drive has been damaged and is unable to recall critical protocols. The children must work together with Photon to restore it back to its original functioning state. 

Photon’s storyline sets the stage for an engaging yet diverse enrichment experience. The gamified storyline currently consists of 10 chapters, providing children with many weeks of great and developing fun. In each chapter children take part in the adventures of Photon, helping him to overcome problems and learn new skills.

From code to creation, Photon cultivates a personalised child-centred learning experience.

Over a thousand hours of fun coding activities

In each chapter, children face numerous challenges that are gradually increasing in difficulty based on the child’s development progress and stage.

Learning trough experiments

Photon provides children with an engaging and safe learning environment for children to experiment with complex technology. This encourages children to try new ways of coding Photon and also be more resilient to failures.

Your child can handle it!

The Photon application implements a system of visual tutorials to help assist children as they learn new concepts and face new challenges. Completing the challenges does not require significant help from parents, promoting independent playing and self-learning skills for the children.

With over 24 months of research and testing with a group of over 3,000 children, the Photon learning experience was designed specifically to enable children to learn as effectively as possible at any developmental age.

Not everything at once

In order to provide children with proper stimulation and gradual acquisition of knowledge while preventing burnouts and boredom, the application prevents solving too many challenges in a short period of time. Photon implements an energy function that makes Photon lose a certain amount of energy after taking part in a challenge. When all of Photon’s energy runs out, children have to wait for the energy to recharge and take this time to rest from the learning.

Reading is not a barrier

The Photon Robot application uses the Amazon Polly text-to-speech system, thanks to which it is able to read the instructions contained in the application in 47 voices and 24 languages.

More than one child at home?

No problem! With one robot, the Photon application allows the creation of multiple profiles and stores the progress of each child separately.