Discover the magic of modern education

The Photon robot is extremely durable and is ready to use right out of the box. It has a whole range of interactive sensors, thanks to which it is a great tool and enhances students’ learning experience. He can react to the surroundings, make sounds, show emotions, change colors and much more.

Thanks to complementary educational scenarios (attached free of charge to each copy), working with Photon and conducting classes become extremely easy.

Photon is:

An educational application and manuals
Robust construction adapted to school conditions of use
A capacious battery that provides up to 8 hours of fun on a single charge
An attractive way to learn the basics of programming (and not only)
A ready-to-use lesson plans
A dedicated mat and flashcards that facilitate conducting activities

Ready to use lesson plans

How to creatively use Photon on various lesson subjects
Aligned to the world standards of the curriculum

Allowing to carry out the core curriculum program for the STEM subjects in accordance with the requirements of global education standards.

Multiple applications

Thanks to the constantly developed and updated database of lesson plans, Photon can also be used to teach non-formal subjects (such as: mathematics, geography, physics or foreign languages).

Working in a group is the key

Photon robot in combination with scenarios, is adapted to conduct group classes. It stimulates the development of children, not only in the cognitive and social areas, but also in the emotional and physical areas.

An educational App that support conducting classes

Photon EDU

PhotonEDU allows you to conduct classes based on dedicated scenarios.

The Photon EDU application is available only in the distribution offer on the education market. Robot in the “home” version purchased through consumer market channels (including in stationary stores) will not connect with the Photon EDU application.

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