Photon can be programmed

4 graphical interfaces

Photon Draw
(age 5-7)

Programming by drawing lines and dragging commands

Photon Badge
(age 7-9)

Programming by using blocks to create a sequence of commands

Photon Blocks
(age 9-11)

Programming by connecting command blocks together

Photon Code
(age 11-13)

Similar to programming in complicated programming languages like Javascript and Python

Learn about Photon's mobile apps

Photon Robot

Dedicated for Home users

The Photon robot app provides children with many weeks of great fun. In each chapter, children will take part in Photon’s adventures, face challenges, discover the capabilities of Photon, all the while learning the basics of programming and refining their computational thinking skills.

The robot develops with the child

Photon gains skills that are closely related to what the child has learned and progressed successfully. Straight from the box, Photon is unable to do anything. Children help it learn everything from – directions, colours, and interactions with the environment.

At the same time, children learn how technologies work as they make their first steps in the coding world.

Photon teaches programming step by step

24 months of research and testing with a group of over 3,000 children, led to an intuitive application being developed along with 4 innovative robot programming interfaces. Each interface is ideally suited to the cognitive development of the children, ranging from ages 5 – 12.

Download for free at:


Photon Coding

Dedicated for both, educational institutions and home users

In the Photon Coding application, there are no restrictions to any of Photon’s commands and no tutorials. Children are able to explore all of Photon’s features without any limitations. This open sandbox environment allows them to explore, expand and test their creativity with Photon.

Download for free at:


Photon EDU

Dedicated to educational institutions

The Photon EDU app is designed for educational institutes and schools. Educators and students are able to access a variety of ready to use lesson plans and curriculums dedicated to classroom learning.

Download free at:


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